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  • Integrated client-server software applications tailored specifically for electric utilities.
  • Utility billing customer information systems with internet customer service features, compatible service work order systems, and financial management systems for IBM
  • Utility Billing software program for water, wastewater and garbage collection utilities that is full featured and designed for small to midsize utilities
  • Provider of complete real time energy command and control solutions.
  • Broad-based internet solutions to automated meter reading, remote device control, and customer information systems.
  • Utility billing and customer information software for electricity, water, gas and telecommunications companies.
  • Products for power quality data management, analysis, and modeling. Plus programs to help utilities and their customers analyze and manage energy use.
  • Products and services to manage consumption and costs. Capabilities, contact details, and overview. UK business.
  • Software and meters provide a realtime energy monitoring software program for electricity, gas, oil, water.
  • Energy and water delivery network performance knowledge software. Provide engineering, GIS, SCADA, and CIS integration services to electric, gas, petroleum, and water
  • Developed to simplify the Joint Interest Billing (JIB) process within the Canadian oil and gas industry. Product and services information, customer log-in, and contact
  • Specializes in utility billing. Includes product descriptions and training and support details. Products include i-nHANCE Suite, Oasis Suite, and i-nHANCE 5000. Part of
  • Billing software program for water, electricity, sewer, gas, phone, and Internet. Services, support, and contact information.
  • Providers of Metrix and MarketManager energy analysis software, software training, technical support, and related consulting services.
  • Captures real-time physical data from intelligent systems, format conversion and routing. Products, support, and contact information.
  • Software and systems for electric utility remote metering, substation automation and load management. Products, services, and contact information.
  • Custom offshore and outsource program development for electricity providers. Products, services, and contact information. Based in Argentina.
  • Web-based monitoring, management, reporting of energy usage data for billing, energy/load mgt, scalable from few points to enterprise-wide, for all utilities. Products
  • Non-iterative load flow based software solution for electric power management. Products, solutions, and contact information.
  • Providing consulting, training, performance contracting and knowledge based software solutions for conservation and cost reduction. Products and services, downloads, and
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