Instrumentation, Peru

Instrumentation Peru Companies Worldwide
  • Self-contained voltage recorder, designed to be mailed or delivered to customers with a complaint. Technical support, registration, and suppliers.
  • Manufactures digital fault and transient recorders, relays, dc/dc converters and other control accessories. Products, software, and contact information.
  • Manufactures a portable fault location system for primary underground cable.
  • Electrical and instrumentation engineering, procurement and construction of oil and gas production sites, SCADA, and control cabins. Services, and contact information.
  • Manufactures and supplies electrical power monitoring and control systems. Products, demos, and contact information.
  • Portable and primary watthour reference standards, watthour meter test accessories and automated laboratory calibration systems.
  • Manufacturer of instrumentation and communications status encoders and modules, software, and related equipment. Product overviews and applications.
  • Manufacturer's representative specializing in electrical test and maintenance equipment, monitoring devices, power system products and services. Products, applications,
  • Instrumentation for electric power plants. Dam controls, water towers, waste water systems, hydroelectric, switchgear, and generators. Certifications, product lines, and
  • Designers and manufacturers of transient and long-term digital fault recording systems. Products, applications, and contact information.
  • Manufacturing and selling of single jet, multijet and woltmann meters for irrigation, flow, heat, and related functions. Products and contact information. Site in
  • Manufactures medium voltage capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks for power factor correction. Products, services, and technical information.
  • Fiber optic measurement of current, voltage, and digital protection equipment. Products, downloads, and contact information.
  • Real-time monitoring and dynamic rating systems. Services, integration, and marketplace.
  • Thermal resistivity meter for measuring thermal properties of soil used to backfill around buried power cables. Specifications, photos, and contact information.
  • Electric meter calibration equipment. Offering portable, single station and multi positions. Software to track all metering needs.
  • Supplier of electronic meter parts such as cyclometer type register, LCD display and CT. Located in Shenzhen