Hydrogen, Peru

Hydrogen Peru Companies Worldwide
  • Manufactures a range of gas generators for the production of hydrogen and oxygen .
  • Offers hydrogen information with a slant on applications in California.
  • Manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers and fuel cell products.
  • The H-flux Atomic Hydrogen Source thermally dissociates hydrogen in an electron bombardment heated tungsten capillary. Used for surface science and thin film technology.
  • Focused on the development and commercialization of new products for the hydrogen economy as well as extreme materials applications in the aerospace, automotive and
  • Headquartered in Norway with operations throughout the world. Core business areas include agriculture, light metals and oil and energy.
  • Annual meeting of the National Hydrogen Association, covering many of the emerging research and developments in hydrogen technologies, such as fuel cells, storage, and
  • Sells membrane hydrogen purifiers, hydrogen getters, and membrane reactors to produce hydrogen from ammonia, methanol, or hydrocarbons, and offers consulting services in
  • Developer of a fluidized-bed membrane reactor process to produce pure hydrogen from natural gas in a single step. Overview of technology, industrial and fuel-cell
  • Offers solid-state sensors and process monitors able to quantify hydrogen without cross-sensitivities to other substances.
  • Specializing in electrolyzers for generation of hydrogen fuel cells, fuel cell test stations, and thermo-electric power systems for space and terrestrial applications.
  • Develops decentralized hydrogen generators for stationary and transport applications. Products include catalytic membrane reactors for converting bioethanol, and
  • Offers a range of hydrogen-related product lines, including fuel cells, catalysts, electrolyzers, portable power units, gas detection systems, and educational materials.
  • Developing a pumpable magnesium hydride slurry for merchant hydrogen and fuel cell applications. Company profile and technology overview.
  • Production generators of hydrogen and oxygen that produce the two gases with the solo use of electric energy and water.
  • Fuel cell systems integrator in Scotland, offering a range of fuel cell and electrolysis products to industry and the general public. Provides online shopping.